Hexagon ID Bracelet
Hexagon ID Bracelet
Hexagon ID Bracelet
Hexagon ID Bracelet
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Hexagon ID Bracelet

 The Hexagon ID Bracelet is handmade from 14K Gold and features 3 diamonds on each side of the Hex, and is attached by an elongated link chain. The hexagon is a symbol for life, as it is a structure that can be found in almost every life form. The hexagon is the connecting center of universal coherence which ties everything together and links everything back.  It teaches you more the more you look at it and reflect on it.  

This bracelet is the perfect piece for commemorating special moments and can be custom engraved. 

This version of the bracelet features the Sanskrit manta Om Tat Sat, which translates to ‘All that is the Truth’, essentially meaning the 'Supreme and Absolute Truth'. It has also been said to translate to 'That is it, It is such."

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