How To Care For Your Fine Jewelry

How to Care For Jewelry How to Care For Your Fine Jewelry Jewelry Care Jewelry Care Tips

Fine jewelry care tips - to keep your jewels sparkling and safe for generations to come.

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The Benefits of Fine Jewelry

5 Benefits of Fine Jewelry Benefits of Fine Jewelry Eco-Friendly Fine Jewelry Sustainable Sustainable Fashion Sustainable Jewelry

There are certain benefits, both health and spiritual to wearing gold and gemstones. Gold regulates body temperature, it helps to heal wounds, aids in overall wellbeing, alleviates symptoms of arthritis, reduces stress and anxiety, promotes skin health, and boosts immunity. Gemstones have numerous benefits and metaphysical properties including promoting healing, guidance, wisdom, protection, and enlightenment. Diamonds are believed to provide clarity of thought and are known as the gemstone of the intellect.

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The Process

  My Process  I get a lot of questions about my work, such as, "What goes into making jewelry?" or "Why does it take so long?" So I would like to explain a little about my process, for those who are interested.  I always start with a rough idea, just...

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Living Inspired

Inspiration is not something that comes from a single source. It is all around you if you just look. I get inspired by so many things, from nature, architecture, music, historical objects, patterns and textiles, instruments. I think it's important to have creative rituals to get you in the proper...

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