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The mysterious Moonstone keeps the secrets of the June babe's heart. Are you a dancer, an artist, or do you love to travel? Hang on to June’s birthstone, the moonstone, for your journeys – both inward and outward. It carries the power of the moon, and just like the moon’s cleansing light, it washes away anything no longer serving you.

Moonstone is a stone for intuition, insight and embodies a healing feminine energy. It helps aid in decision making, grounding, and healing past traumas both physical and emotional. It is a calming stone for those with anxiety or insomnia. 

Moonstone is one of the oldest known gemstones dating back to the early civilizations of Mesopotamia. Moonstones have been found in some of the earliest civilizations, including Ancient India, Greece, Mexico, and Guatemala. The name comes from the Latin word ‘luna.’ It was believed that the pure light reflected by the moonstone during a full moon could bring good luck and fortune.

The ancients believed moonstone was formed from drops of moonlight falling into the sea. When you look at this luminous gemstone, it's easy to see why they thought that! Below are some of our favorite Moonstone jewelry pieces:

She dances with the stars; she wanes and waxes, ebbs and flows. 

Ethereal, mercurial, but strong in her pull.

She's magnetic, she's intoxicating, she's a little bit wild.

She moves to her own rhythm, and as long as you follow her dance, and set your intention under the new moon, she lifts you up and you become one with the cosmos.


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