March Birthstone - Dreamy Aquamarine

Aqua Aquamarine Aquamarine Jewelry Dreamy Dreamy Aquamarine March Birthstone Ocean

The modern birthstone for March is Aquamarine, a dreamy gemstone evoking the purity of crystalline waters, and the relaxation of the sea. It is calming, soothing, cleansing, and inspires truth, trust and letting go. The name Aquamarine comes from the Latin aqua marinus, meaning “water of the sea,” and refers to its sparkling ocean-like color.

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Whether you are lucky to call Aquamarine your birthstone or not, anyone can benefit from the calming properties of Aquamarine. It is actually one of our favorite gemstones! 

Here are some of our most loved Aquamarine jewelry pieces:

Theda Aquamarine Bracelet

Aquamarine Bracelet in 14K Yellow Gold

Theda Aquamarine Necklace

Aquamarine Necklace in 14K Yellow Gold

Mari Aquamarine Necklace

Aquamarine Pendant in 14K Yellow Gold

Theadora Ring

Kite Shaped Aquamarine Ring in 14K Yellow Gold

Serenity Aquamarine Crystal Pendant

Serenity Aquamarine Crystal Pendant in 14K Yellow Gold with Diamonds

Lullaby Aquamarine Crystal Pendant

Lullaby Aquamarine Crystal Pendant in 14K Yellow Gold with Diamonds

Cleo Ring with Aquamarines

Cleo Ring with Aquamarines in 14K Yellow Gold

Aqua Orb Studs

Aqua Orb Stud Earrings with Brilliant Cut Aquamarines in 14K Yellow Gold

Aqua Orb Pendant

Aqua Orb Pendant with Brilliant Cut Aquamarine in 14KY Gold, on a 14KY Gold Chain

With colors ranging from light blue to dark blue and even blue-green, aquamarine has been linked to water and the seas throughout history. Here at Carter Eve Jewelry, we love light blue pastel shades of the gemstone.

Roman fishermen called the gemstone “water of the sea” and used it as protection, for safe travel by boat, and for luck in catching fish. Aquamarine was linked to the apostle St. Thomas who frequently traveled by boat. Roman physicians also used it to treat overeating and bloating.

The Sumerians, Egyptians, Hebrews, and Greeks all admired aquamarine gemstones. Beads were discovered with Egyptian mummies. And it was believed that the High Priest of the Second Temple wore aquamarine stones engraved with the six tribes of Israel. Two thousand years ago, people in Greece engraved designs into aquamarine stones, turning them into intaglios.

Lovers of aquamarine are drawn it for its cool and tranquil color. It’s the perfect complement to any skin tone or setting. Can't decide which style you like best? Or want to design and create something custom? Email for assistance. 


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