How To Care For Your Fine Jewelry

How to Care For Jewelry How to Care For Your Fine Jewelry Jewelry Care Jewelry Care Tips

Fine jewelry care tips - to keep your jewels sparkling and safe for generations to come.

1. Store your jewelry in a clean, dry space.

It's best to keep your jewelry in a fabric-lined case that has compartments and dividers. This will prevent scratching and tangling, and most importantly, you won't lose anything!

2. Avoid damaging chemicals.

Lotions, hairspray, nail polish remover and cleaning products can be damaging to certain gemstones. Some of these products can even effect gold and platinum, resulting in discoloration. When getting ready in the morning or preparing for a night out, it's best to set your jewelry aside until you are ready to wear it. Avoid washing your hands with soap while wearing rings as the soap can cause residue to build up underneath the stones, causing them to appear dull.

3. Use mild cleaners for regular cleanings.

For at-home cleanings, we always recommend dawn dish soap with warm water and a toothbrush.

Ultrasonic cleaning has become popular, however, it's best to leave your jewelry in the care of trained jewelers who know how to use this technology safely. Ultrasonic cleaning can sometimes shake gems loose or chip gemstones if used incorrectly. Plus, certain gemstones are too fragile to be cleaned with ultrasonics. Once every 6 months, it's best to get these types of pieces professionally steam cleaned.

4. When in doubt, take it off.

The ocean, pool or gym isn't the ideal place for fine jewelry (especially rings which can slip off). Even while cooking or doing household chores, it's a good idea to store your jewelry in a safe place. This prevents scratching but also there is no worse feeling than losing a treasured piece of jewelry at the bottom of the sea. Trust us, we've been there.

5. Insure your jewelry.

Accidents do happen. In the tragic event something happens to your treasured pieces, you can have the piece of mind knowing your investment is protected. 

A jewelry appraisal is the first step to insuring your jewelry. When you buy a piece with us, we provide an appraisal upon request. If you did not make a piece with us but still want it appraised, we can provide an appraisal for a fee. Email for more information on appraisals.


I hope these tips were helpful! As always, reach out with any questions, we are always here to help :)










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