The Benefits of Fine Jewelry

5 Benefits of Fine Jewelry Benefits of Fine Jewelry Eco-Friendly Fine Jewelry Sustainable Sustainable Fashion Sustainable Jewelry

Did you know that costume jewelry has seen an increased demand? There are a few reasons for this such as the rising prices of gold and precious gems as well as the pandemic and war influence. Costume and fashion jewelry are more affordable, that's true, but just like fast fashion, it comes with a price.

I want to remind you why fine jewelry will always be a better investment.

1. It is the more sustainable choice. Have you ever bought a piece of fashion jewelry that was gold plated only to find it tarnishing and turning your skin green a few months later? That's because the gold plating wore off. What happens to those items of jewelry? They end up in a landfill. The fast fashion industry has accelerated the cycle of use and discard by marketing the need to own more and by using inexpensive materials (gold plated brass) and imitation gems, which eventually tarnish and fall apart. What happens when they tarnish and fall apart? They get thrown away and end up in landfills. Sustainability has to be top of mind for everyone if we want to make a difference and take care of this beautiful planet.

Fine jewelry doesn't end up in landfills for a few different reasons, making it the most sustainable choice for jewelry. Less is more. Quality over quantity. Yes, these are cliches but they are true.

Fine jewelry lasts forever. These are pieces that can be passed down for generations to come, made of real gold (not gold plated, not gold filled) and natural gemstones, diamonds and lab created diamonds (which is a topic I will get to in another post).

If something happens to your fine jewelry piece, it can be repaired. If you lose a stone, another stone can be set in its place. If you need to size up or down, that can be done. If you decide you just don't like a design anymore and want to make something new, the stones can be removed, the gold or platinum melted down and a brand new jewelry piece can be made. What I find so incredible about jewelry and metal arts is that in no other medium can you melt down the existing object and turn it into something entirely new. There have been many cases where clients bring me their old jewelry/heirlooms that are sentimental to them but they want a more modern design and they never knew this was possible. 

2. Fine Jewelry also holds its value in a way that fashion jewelry absolutely does not. If you decided to sell your engagement ring one day, you could. If you want to melt down your current ring and make a new one, the gold or platinum still has value. Sure, it fluctuates with the market, but gold is still gold. Platinum is still platinum. A diamond is still a diamond. Sometimes, for certain rare stones, they can even be worth MORE later on. 

3. There are certain benefits, both health and spiritual to wearing gold and gemstones. Gold regulates body temperature, it helps to heal wounds, aids in overall wellbeing, alleviates symptoms of arthritis, reduces stress and anxiety, promotes skin health, and boosts immunity. Gemstones have numerous benefits and metaphysical properties including promoting healing, guidance, wisdom, protection, and enlightenment. Diamonds are believed to provide clarity of thought and are known as the gemstone of the intellect.



4. Fine jewelry can be worn everyday. I always tell my clients that my pieces are designed to be worn every day. They are durable and require less care than fashion jewelry. You can sweat in fine jewelry pieces and get them wet (although I would avoid soap and shampoo otherwise stones can get "gunky"). Either way, fine jewelry can be cleaned and steamed and afterwards looks like new! 



5. Precious metals are hypoallergenic and safe for sensitive skin. Platinum, 14K or 18K gold are all skin safe. Our 14K and 18K alloys do not contain nickel, as that is a common cause of skin reactivity. 


I hope this post was helpful! As always feel free to reach out to me with any questions at If you have a family heirloom piece you would like to redesign I would love to work with you to create something meaningful and new. Together we can limit our carbon footprint and live more sustainable lives. It's the little choices that add up, and sustainably made fine jewelry is a choice you can feel good about.





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